Replica Merchant Account

We provide you with the best processing solutions for all your replica outlets.

Why a payment processing solution for your Replica website is important ?
Most of the online payment solutions providers charge high rates for their solutions but iPayTotal provides best-in-class Replica Merchant Account services at the most competitive fees.

Accepting credit and debit cards will help in building customer satisfaction and their confidence and this will make them feel secure when making purchases on your website. Customers satisfaction will help in building a strong and trustworthy customer business relationship.

This, in turn, will assist in increasing your client list i.e. You’ll have more loyal clients which will constantly shop from your online store. IPAYTOTAL provide automatic credit card processing. All of the payments made by clients would be transferred into your account the very next day.

This procedure is secure and quick. Most of the online payment solutions providers charge high rates for their solutions but iPayTotal provides best-in-class Replica Merchant Account services at the most competitive fees.

Why is REPLICA Industry called high risk?

Replica websites have become even more popular over the last decade. Most customers will not prepay for replica products with western union or bank wire transfer since they are not safe and secure payment methods. This leaves many replica businesses without a means of accepting payments. Starting to accept credit and debit cards from your customers all over the world starts with working with?IPAYTOTAL. Replica merchants will be able to accept card payments in multiple currencies directly off their website or by manually inputting the customer?s information into the virtual terminal. All replica payment processing solutions are level one PCI compliant and hosted payment pages are SSL to provide the highest level of security.

Due to the number of chargebacks and various credit card frauds, a large number of online merchants is quite reluctant to accept online credit card payments.Unfortunately, being considered a riskier business can have a very negative impact on your sales volume and on your profits. This is because it may be quite difficult to find a credit card processor that will be willing to provide you with an account. As a result, you will be unable to accept credit cards from your customers as a form of payment.

How we help

Do you deal in a business that makes replica items? If you make replicas of designer handbags, watches, shoes, clothing and other items, you can enjoy a very successful business. After all, many people are more than happy to pay only a small percentage of what they would pay for the name brand item. At the same time, since there is always the possibility that your customers will be unhappy with the replica or may claim that they were mislead when making the purchase, credit card processors consider your business to be riskier than many other types of businesses.

The replica business has taken off in recent years. Due to the huge increase in profitability, having a replica merchant account to process payments has become even more important. Consumers have shifted from using plastic as their primary means of payment for luxury items such as replica purses, wallets, etc. The inability to accept credit card payments in the replica business could mean the difference between staying in business and shutting down. Sadly, banks have no interest in whether or not your small business is forced to close up shop because they refused to approve your replica merchant account request. In fact, incorporating banks are not likely to approve replica merchant account requests at all!

The replica industry, due to the nature of the industry itself, suffers greatly from fraud and charge-backs. The ability to profit from misleading customers is sometimes too much. Subsequently, many replica firms find their revenues stripped from them because one of their customers misunderstood or was mislead about the purchase they were making. Incorporating banks see the high percentage of charge-backs and they want no part in it. For many, the dangers inherent in the industry are great enough to cause them to refuse approving any replica merchant accounts at all. Even though many incorporating banks won?t approve replica merchant accounts because of their high-risk nature, there are still some that will.

How we differs

Replica merchants need to partner with a payment processor that is able to provide them with Replica Merchant Account Solution. IPAYTOTAL provides everything required to operate a successful online replica website and payment processing for replica products . Replica merchants will be able to process orders for; replica watches, replica handbags, replica shoes and more. Depending on the merchant’s processing volume, IPAYTOTAL will provide your website with a 3rd party merchant account or a direct merchant account with a unique descriptor.

IPAYTOTAL has an easy to use Payment gateway that will integrate with the replica merchant’s website. Customers will have the option of placing their orders on the company’s website with a credit or debit card while receiving a real-time approval or decline. Email confirmations are sent to the customer for each order.


Credit card payments have become the preferred method of paying both online and offline purchases. To start accepting credit and debit card payments, a retailer has to open a replica Merchant account. Being high risk type of business, online businesses are very prone to various frauds. Though online business is not as dangerous in comparison to gaming and pharmacy. Not all of the payment service providers are ready to handle risks related to high risk online businesses. Banks are hesitant to open credit card accounts for high risk internet based replica business.

iPayTotal’s Advanced Detection & Mitigation Techniques for credit card fraud protection are a safeguard for your customers from the ever-growing credit card and data breaches around the globe. Our industry-leading Threat Management service minimizes your business risk, with one efficient global solution against emerging security breaches and attacks. Credit card processing businesses provide around the clock client and technical support.

Which implies that any payment getaway related problems will be instantly solved by the support service. You may apply for assistance any time you might need it. IPAYTOTAL will assist you to expand your replica business globally. Therefore, your web-based store may have no border restrictions. This kind of replica merchant account empowers enable your business to accept various types of currencies and so clients from virtually any part of the globe will be capable of making purchases from the online store.


With iPayTotal merchant accounts, you can acknowledge payments in multiple currencies. Depending on your business details, you may be able to get payments from credit cards everywhere throughout the world through an iPayTotal travel merchant account. Approved merchants can acknowledge US dollars, British pounds, euros and more.

If you’re ready to begin the application process for your merchant account, iPayTotal is here to help. If you have any questions regarding our merchant accounts or different services we offer, you can visit Website to connect with highly experienced and well-educated team, with more than a decade of experience in the industry.An iPayToTal travel merchant account specialist will guide you each step of the way to ensure quick approval.