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Become our Referral Partner

Do You Or Your Company Sell A Product Or Service Business To Business (B2B)? Or Do You Have Relationships With Business Owners? Are You Maximizing The Return You Could Get By “Upselling”, “Cross Selling”, Or “Packaging” A Merchant Account During Or After Your Core Business Product Or Service Sale?

A referral partner is someone who directs new business to a business in return for a commission. Referral programs are also commonly known as affiliate programs.

By joining the iPayTotal Referral Partner Program you can earn a lifetime share of the processing fees merchants you refer pay to accept credit cards. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn a share of the profitability of setup fees and equipment sales. Most partnership relationships with iPayTotal are highly customized.

Being a partner means you can leverage your existing business owner relationships without having to get involved in selling merchant account processing. We do all the work in selling the accounts and then provide you full accountability.

As a leader in the industry, iPayTotal has the bank relationships and experience to get merchants approved. Our leverage means that you can offer clients better hardware, better rates and more service types. We have a competitive compensation structure for all referral partners.

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