Merchant Application Process

Your pre-approval in just 48 hours

How to prepare and apply for a merchant account with iPayTotal ?

We get your application Pre-Approved in less than 48 hours


To sign up with us you need to register on our online application portal. This will allow our agents to start the pre-screening and assessment process. With provided information about your company, nature of business and sales volume summary, we are able to narrow down to few acquiring banks on which your new merchant account can be placed by our opinion.Within 1-3 business days after receiving your application form, we have a good idea which banking partners are able to consider opening a merchant account for your business.

Based on pre-approval in the previous step, we can proceed with the actual application process with the banking partner or selected payment provider. In this stage, you’ll be asked to provide any other documents required by the financial partner as according to your specific needs. Once the application is approved, you are sent the integration and MID details to start integration on your website.

Please make sure that your website is compliant according to the VISA / MASTERCARD processing regulations.

Every merchant accepting credit card payments through the website (as well as MOTO-only merchants) needs to present a website that is fully compliant by Visa/MC compliance guidelines.

These will have to be fully completed before you can begin taking live payments, however if your website is perhaps currently still under construction and does not include all necessary items, you can still proceed with Precheck and Application stage, by providing an access to your beta website where the underwriter can review at least basic information on your products/services.

  • Support for multi-currencies
  • PCI-DSS 2.0 Compliant
  • We leverage on Chargeback mitigation and protect merchants
    from fraudulent cases.
  • API/Virtual Payment Terminal
  • WooCommerce Compatibility.